Interview with Chris Hook, Director of Gluten Free at Warburtons




1) Please introduce your company in no more than 5 words.

“Warburtons Gluten and Wheat Free.”

2) Why did you enter the free from food market?

“Following one of our TV Ad campaigns asking people to email our Chairman, Jonathan Warburton, with ideas for new products, we were overwhelmed by the number of requests we had to start making gluten-free and wheat-free bread…and that got us thinking!”

3) Do you think that the free from market in its entirety is well catered for?

“We think its getting better! The most important thing is that the market is growing every year and with it comes new and better products and an increased awarness of coeliac disease.”

4) How many different foods do you have in your product range?

  • We have eight products:
  • 400g Sliced White Loaf
  • 400g Brown sliced Loaf
  • 3 pack White rolls
  • 3 pack Brown Rolls
  • 4 pack Fruity Teacakes
  • 400g Sliced Spiced Fruit Bread
  • 2 pack blueberry and Cranberry muffins
  • 2pack Lemon and Poppy Seed Muffins

5) What kind of free from customers can use your products?

“Those avoiding Gluten and Wheat.”

6) Do you have a favourite recipe that that you make using one of your products?  If yes what is it?

“Yes, it’s got to be a good old Bacon Sandwich! I normally opt for Brown bread but with bacon it has to be our white bread. Soft white slices with crispy bacon in between….delicious!”

7) Where can customers buy your products?

“Waitrose, Asda and Morrisons. We have a nifty little tool on our website that finds your nearest stores after you have entered your post code. Use this link to access it:

8 ) What would you like to say to Foods You Can free from customers?

“It’s over a year since we launched our wheat-free and gluten-free range, thank you for your continued support. With the addition of our new Muffins and Fruit Bread we continue to go from strength to strength so this year looks like its going to be another great one. Keep an eye out for other new products…”

9) Where do you see the free from market in 5 years time?

“It will be even bigger and better! There will be much more awareness of coeliac disease which means more products for people to chose from.”

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